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  • NSS
  • Cultural Activities
  • Sports
  • Image Building Activities
  • CWDC
  • NAAC
  • Teacher's Day
  • Guru Purnima
  • PBL ( Poor Boys’ Library)
  • Gyan Satra
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Placement Activity
  • Student welfare
  • Staff welfare
  • Career Opportunities After 12th
  • Aids Awareness

NSS Unit of our college was started in the year 1991.
Every year 100 to 150 students become active members.
We have a complete unit of NSS which observes all the rules set by Gujarat University.
The NSS unit of the college every year adopts a village and carries out various social awareness activities like fighting illiteracy, addiction, superstitions and pramotion of cleanliness, national integrity etc...
The planning forum of the college arranges lectures on various aspects of planning, religion, health, education, Aids awareness, population etc...
Students write slogans and carry out rallies to generate public awareness.
Eminent persons from different walks of life are invited to give information on various topics.
Our College remains busting with various Types of activities to develop the total Personality of the students.
Students actively participate in seminars organized by Gujarat University and other institutions.
The Independence day and Republic Day celebrations in the college campus are initiated by the N.S.S volunteers.
NSS Unit is closely associated with blind Men`s Association Vastrapur and Old Age House, Ankur
NSS Unit arranges :
To promote intimacy, sense of sister-hood and unity among the Women of rural areas, we arrange various competitions like :
Home Decoration, Recipe/Cooking competition Healthy child competition, Rural Cleanliness etc...
Blood Donation Camp, Medical Camp, Animal Husbandry Camp(Cattle Camp), Aids awareness camp.
So as to bring awareness amongst the people few other competitions are also organized as : Salt with Iodine Competition Elocution Competition.
We also arrang cultural programmes to uproot the superstitions and false belief from the society.

Cultural Activities
Students are given special training in :
Personality Development and Goal Setting, Public Speaking, Poetry Recitation, Skits and Play acting, Light Music and Classical Music, Folk Dances, Painting, Mono Acting etc…
Students invariably take part in Youth Festival arranged by the University. This is a Refreshing exercise to prepare students to face the challenges in life.
Celebrations :
Students celebrate various days like Traditional Day, Back-to-school Day, Executive and Saree Day, Stationary Day, Group Day Experimental Plays and Folk Plays are also Staged in the college functions.
We also celebrate Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers' Day, CWDC Activities, Guru Purnima.
Navratri Celebration:
Navratri was celebrated in October 2010; the students participated in traditional wear. The students played traditional garba. The event was also enlightened by candles and all volunteers and members of Navgujarat parivaar present offered aarti and prayers to God. The winners of the event were announced by Prin. S.K. Mansuri.

Our College has following facilities for  Students with almost 14 indoor and Outdoor games :
Cross Country, Chess, Judo, Table Tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Carrom Board Weight Lifting, Boxing, Tennis, Cricket, Volley Ball, Athletics and Hockey.
We also celebrate Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers' Day, CWDC Activities, Guru Purnima.
The College has a gymkhana(50 feetx24 feet i.e. 1200 sq.feet)with facilities of indoor games like carrom boards, Table Tennis, chess Judo Mats, Boxing Practice kit, Costumes, track suits .. etc.
We have a successful boxer Shri Ashok Teli , who represented college at state level.It is a matter of pride that he participated as an NCC Cadet in the parade for the celebration for Republic Day in 2005.
Table Tennis
Shri Alex Gomes played at inter university table tennis championship in 1985.Moreover women table tennis team reached up to quarter finals in 2003-04 and 2004-05.
Our Doubles team reached up to semi-finals in 2002-03, Shah Nilesh and Mahavir. were selected in Gujarat University table tennis tournament and Shah Nilesh had won three rounds in Group-A.
Our intelligent student Solanki Piyush participated in intercollegiate chess tournament for 2003-04 and 2004-05.He won 6 out of 10 matches.
Shri. Dabhi Anil and Shri Nikunj Patel took part in Gujarat University chess tournament . Shri Dabhi Anil won 3 rounds out of 5 rounds.
National temperament of love for cricket is duly taken care of by our sports teacher, who arranges for coaching sessions and participation in competitions at various levels. In absence of college-owned playground, the authorities regularly hire playgrounds in the city to facilitate sports training including cricket.
Quite a few of our cricketers represented the college at inter-college competitions, some of them were selected to represent Gujarat University at inter-university level and some of them, to name a few Shri Nayan C. Patel (USA) , Shri Altafseikh (USA) and Shri Hiren Patel got selection in Ranji-Trophy.
Shri Durgesh Parmar won two rounds in singles while among girlsKum. Priti Waghmare and Parikh Rashmi reached up to semi-finals in doubles in Gujarat University Badminton Tournament. In the year 1996 – 98 Ms.Humera Pathan became university champion, She also participated in All India Inter- University championship for 2 years.

Every time our teams for boys and girls take part in the intercollegiate tournaments.We also send our teams for district tournaments for many years. Our players have proved their excellence in the game.
Raut Prashant and Jadeja Trushar were declared best smashers and Miss Gayatri Khanta was declared best player among girls.
Miss Chiragi Shah and Miss Krina Desai were selected in State volleyball championship.s
Hockey :
Miss Payal Patel and Miss Arya Aparna were selected to play at National Hockey
Championships.Kumari Rashmi Patel is taking part in All India National Hockey.

Image Building Activities
GandhiKatha Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi still puzzles quite a few scholars.The Institution resolved to experiment by organising a GANDHI KATHA by the renowned Gandhian
Shri Narayanbhai Desai.
The trial proved to be a great success by on the spot attendance in the KATHA by a very large number of students, staff and visitors from society. In the aftermath of the KATHA, we find a quantum change in general behaviour and commitment of the students and the staff.

Collegiate Women’s Development Cell of our college works actively and efficiently to provide guidance and counselling to the girl students regarding problems like skin care, gynecology, stress and strain etc.We arrange lectures, invite experts of different fields to guide our girl students.

To maintain and improve the quality in higher education, it is mandatory to clear NAAC( National Assessment and Accreditation Council ) an Autonomous body of U.G.C which supervises the process of quality maintenance. Our college went through the process of accreditation in November 2006 and was accredited B+grade in NAAC evaluation. Our dedicated and hardworking Managing Trustee, efficient teaching and non-teaching staff made dream come true.
Teachers’ Day
As Nation celebrates 5th September birthday of our former beloved President S.Radhakrishnanas Teachers’ day, our institution also celebrates this day in a different manner, by motivating the students to handle teaching and administration of the entire college for that particular day.

Guru Purnima
To commemorate the age old Indian tradition of ‘Guru–Shishya’, the students of our college volunteer to perform ‘Tilak-Puja’ as a mark of respect towards the teachers.

PBL ( Poor Boys’ Library)
Under the PBL scheme, our institution lends book-sets to the students who cannot afford to purchase.We lend on and average 600 book sets to the needy students, free of charge.

Gyan Satra
Under the umbrella of NSS activities we organize a week long ‘Gyan Satra’, where eminent scholars and educationists are invited to guide and inspire the students for the better future.It helps to motivate and encourage the students to be better human beings and good citizens of the country.
Blood Donation Camp
As a part of extension social services, every year we organize blood donation camp where students willingly donate blood to be helpful to the society.

Placement Activity
We plan to introduce full-fledged Placement Cell in near future and as a part of initial effort in this direction, we invited Adani Group of Companies, which imparted practical training to the batch of selected students and chose a few for placement in the company.

Student welfare
Our institution always attends to student welfare.Besides the financial & other facilities provided by the government to the students, our parent trust (Vidya Bhavan Trust) gives financial aid to the meritorious students of the college for further studies.Our teachers provide personal guidance and counselling to the weak students.There is healthy rapport between teachers and students.Our institution also runs book bank scheme under which sets of books are provided to the students free of charge.

Staff welfare
Our institution runs many programmes and schemes for staff welfare.We have a credit society which advances loan to the staff members at a low interest to ease the financial burden.
We run a YOGA Classes within campus for the enhancement of physical and mental health of the teachers.At the same time our trust also organizes different programmes like ‘Seven Habits of Highly Influential People’and ‘Gandhi Katha’ by veteran Gandhian Shri. Narayanbhai Desai for the enrichment of the staff.
Research Promotional Activities
Teachers and students are encouraged to participate and present research papers at the National/International Seminars
Cash-prizes are awarded to the best papers on the basis of its quality and scope. The papers are Scrutinised by a panel of experts before selecting the best one.
Life-time achievement award is given to the senior teachers who have contributed immensely in research activities.
Other Welfare Activities include:
Medals are given to Spouse / Son / Daughter of the staff member for academic and
non-academic excellence.
Medical check-up for all staff members including Teaching, Non-Teaching and Peons.

Career Opportunities After 12th
As a part of social responsibility and contribution, our parent trust every year organizes a one day seminar on “Career Opportunities after 12th” where we invite well-known educationists, research scholars and experts of different faculties who guide and counsel the students for selecting a better career option.Every year the response of the students as well as society in general is tremendous.

Aids Awareness
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